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Gaztano is a renowned post-production studio which provides one-stop services to profesional photographers. Services include photo printing, photo album crafting, picture frames and photo studio souvenirs.

GAZTANO has more than 20 years experience in post-production. It is the pioneer photography post-production company in Malaysia. Our company provides the latest in photo developing and production equipments catered specially for bridal studio photography and photography enthusiasts. We provide a one-stop post-production solution to your every photography needs.


公司拥有超过20年相册制作经验,为马来西亚最早期的相册公司之一,加上引进最先进的彩照冲洗设备及各样化的相册制作机组, 专为婚纱影楼,摄影爱好者,数码冲印店提供一站式服务的后期制作解决之案。